Vacuuming Again!

Vacuuming Again!

In my lovely abode, there is just me.

I consider myself to be a fairly tidy human.

And yet, every time I turn around there seems to be something to vacuum up. This white stuff (I’ll expand on this in the next few lines) and then there is hair, no explanation needed.

The white stuff is pretty much me! Dead skin cells. Shedding to make room for a new me. Approximately eight pounds per year. Every month a new skin layer.

Hair – fifty to one hundred per day.







This is just one person. One me. 

I’m doing a “holy shit” for all of you that live with others and have pets! Yuk!! Huge Yuk!!

Let’s calm ourselves and come back to where I am actually going with all of this.

But inside, I’m still feeling grossed out for the rest of you. Okay – let’s move on.

We shed. Our bodies let go and replace with new. Easily. It’s what we do naturally.

No affirmations, no meditation, smudging. It just lets go. No tug of war, no sabotage, no battle.

And it’s not just our skin and hair, our body is regenerating itself continually.

And yet a part of us forgets, gets stuck and screws up.

Our body is creating the new and we resist with our minds and our emotions. We hang on tight to the old that is weighted down with pain. Our wounds, our wrongs. Where we have hurt and been hurt.

We are meant to heal, to grow, to regenerate. We get this new body and then we program it back to match with all our stuff that we choose to regurgitate rather than regenerate. Over and over and over again.

How exhausting and frustrating for our physical self. Excited to be new and then the mental and emotional self overpowers and vetos the new and pulls back into the old.

Our spiritual self looks down on all of this, shaking its head and sighing with, “I try, Lord knows, I try. But you know ,I have to abide by Free Will and Choice and if this is what this human wants, what can I do?” 

“They are their own creator and if they want to keep recreating the same and wondering why nothing changes, they are permitted to be this absurd.” 

“Just don’t give up Body. Keep reproducing and regenerating, because maybe one day, they’ll get it. They’ll let go and get with the program and what was old will be gone and the new will be embraced and they’ll go forward.”

While I vacuum and dust (I love whoever invented this Swiffer gadget) (Almost as much as the Post-It Note inventor). I ask myself to keep up! Let go.

If my body can keep making a new me, I need to value and be of gratitude enough to allow all of me to be right here, in the present fresh and ready for the new.

Unfortunately, I just realized that even with being more cooperative with myself, I’ll probably still have to vacuum and dust.

But, I’ll be in step with me and not getting in the way.

New skin, new me. On every level of my being.


Photos by: Vacuum, iStock; Bareback, Pexels; Hair, Unsplash Tim Mossholder. With Thanks



  1. You never cease to amaze me with your observations! 🙂

    • Amazing or scary where my brain takes me. Stay tuned. Who knows what I’ll observe next!!

  2. Vacuuming can be our new moving meditation to let go and make room for the new!

    • I don’t know if my intention was to get us excited about vacuuming and make it our new “Zen” event, but hey, if it works. Cool!


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