What Do I Give Space To?

What Do I Give Space To?

An early Saturday morn in February, I head out to accomplish some errands before the weekend rush. Number one on my list is to get gas. I pull up to the available pump, or what should have been available. However, a very bold Black Cherry Lincoln had chosen to take up two spaces. License plate, “01 WRIGHT.” Speaks for itself. No driver. I figure I can wait as they should be on their way. I wait and wait and wait. Nope, not happening. Another pump becomes available, I decide to move. Eventually the ‘two space’ driver appears and goes on their way.

I’m thinking — is this the same as someone who parks in such a way to take up two spots  so no one can scratch or ding their car. Hmmm?

As “01 WRIGHT” was in my reality, I decide to mulonder this. If you’ve read my blog before, you’ll know a mulonder is the combo of a mull and a ponder. I prefer to allow myself to start close up, low and physical before I ascend to the bigger picture, higher and enlightened. 

Is this someone who figures they are important,  very important, even special? Are they self-absorbed and only concerned with them self, so much so that they don’t even realize the taking of two spaces?

Okay – got that out of my system, now I start to take my ascension.

This is my reality. I create my reality. The ‘two space’ person is in my face and it’s all about space.

I begin asking myself the type of questions that remind you, that you are responsible for what you create.

What do I give Space to?

What do I hold Space for?

What do I fill Space with?

Is it what keeps me stuck?

Or, is it what takes me forward?

Did they have My Space?

Had they taken it?

Or, had I given it away?

As I mentioned, this was February and now it is April and Space has become an issue for all of us. 

Keeping Space or the current phrase, “Social Distancing.” 

In the Distancing that creates Space what are we doing? Many of us are home, in amongst a household full of family, many of us are on our own. What is in your Space? How are you using the Space that is in your reality?

What are we giving Space to?

This can be a new reality for many. Many of us before this, were convinced there was not enough Space for what we needed. For our selves, our family, our interests, our plans, our dreams, our whatever’s that were on our lists that were never getting crossed off. 

Many of us can recall saying, “I just don’t have enough time (Space).” 

So the gas station “Space Taker” didn’t really take anything. They instead gave me the Space to ask myself what I was giving Space to. How was I using my Space?

Did I fill it up with ways to keep me stuck and keep me in a Space that was not where I was meant to be?


Thank you Black Cheery Lincoln ,01 Wright for giving me the opportunity for this mulonder.

Photos by; Unsplash, Opened door of house, Arno Smit; Eyeglasses and key on  book, Debby Hudson  




  1. Thanks Sharon – I really appreciate your mulonder about space and all of the questions you asked yourself. This time is ideal to think about what I give space to.

    • Hi Kim, Each day when I find myself slipping into past pain or worry for the future, I breathe and ask myself what do I truly want this space for. It’s a process of reminding and realigning. Namaste, may we embrace and enjoy the space!


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