What Do You Empower?

What Do You Empower?

A new year, first month, new week. This is the time we ask ourselves, what do I want to attract? We think, we visualize, we make lists, stick photos on our fridge.

And then when nothing comes or something comes and then it goes; we wonder why. Am I underserving, am I doing something wrong or maybe I’m just unlucky or this stuff doesn’t work. It’s all bullshit and life sucks!!!

Let’s just say, rather than any of that, let’s take a pause and ask ourselves, What do I empower? What do I give my energy to, what do I invest in, what do I fuel?

Trump is an easy one. Everyday he’s in the news. We click into his twitter feed, we talk about him, mock him, criticize him, give opinion to him. We empower him, we fuel him with so much energy. The energy we invest in him is extreme. We have to come to terms and come clean that we get something from it. If only to feel that we are of superior intelligence to his buffoonism. We keep him large.

Closer to home:

Your work; you bitch daily and go in circles with the same subject of complaint about co-workers, management, customers.

Your kids; What they did or didn’t do. And then as they get older and apparently are now the adults; what you did or didn’t do.

Your partner; how they never want to do anything, dealing with ‘their’ families disfunction.

Friends; disappointing you, judging you, overstepping boundaries, gossiping about you, and in return, you them.

Yourself; everything I do is wrong, I’ll never meet anyone, I’m too tired, nothing works for me.

 Once you hear yourself. The next step is to ask yourself, can you stop? Just stop it.

Or do you like it too much. What do you get from it? How does it fuel you?

Is it momentary, I’m better than, I’m the powerful one, I’m right, distraction, a way to vent your bitterness and hide your fears?

But what does it really give you? Does it bring what you want, does it take you forward, does it give you something to be happy about?

Or does it give you indigestion, insomnia, head aches, back aches, weight gain, exhaustion?

Where does your energy go, how do you use it?

We want everyone to think about the environment, clean it up, restore it, save it.

But if all our attention is trashing others, dumping on ourselves. Criticizing and giving time to the negative, what isn’t right and being upset and angry, then how is this possible?

Whatever we give energy to, we are supporting. It ends up being what we are for, rather than what we are against.

What do you empower?

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  1. I appreciate this alot- thinking about the negative things we give power to, that I give power to. It’s okay to not feed into those things. Why do I want to give those things more power?


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