When We Affirm

When We Affirm

Affirmation comes from the Latin affirmare,

“to make steady, strengthen.”

A statement said with assertion of something that exists or is true. A statement said in present tense pertaining to something you have chosen to attract. 

You begin and you say it, state it, over and over. You ignite an energy.

Life will send you some proof that what you are doing works, you will receive some positive feedback.

But in order for it to be complete, what will surface next is anything that is not congruent with your statement. Anything that is in conflict, resistant to what your making steady, giving strength to, making firm.

When you affirm, “Every day in every way I am better and better.”

What doesn’t fit and align with this, will present itself for you to change, to heal, to go forward into what is better.

When a collective energy of many comes together and affirms a choice, the energy exponentially amplifies and this universal law presents what is out of alignment with its manifestation, returns to us with great magnitude.

Such as – “Black Lives Matter.”

What is needed in order for it to manifest, comes to the forefront for us to heal, clear, release.

We are in the midst of this. 

Those who continue to hold racist views.

Those who support white supremacy.

Those who are afraid of change.

The fear of the manifestation of Black Lives Matter, is now front and centre.

It is not enough to affirm.

We must now be prepared to heal what is in the way of this becoming a reality.

The words are the easy part.

What they present to us is the test of whether we truly want this.

Will we do what we need to do to make Black Lives Matter a reality?

We have raised our voices.

The reality of what is not in alignment is here.

We may go hoarse from chanting, we may grow tired from marching.

But we cannot turn back.

It has started.

The door is open and it will not close.

The World we have known till now is over.

The World we are meant to meet has begun.

The ground is shaky, the cracks appear and all looks at times to be dismal.

We need not be fearful. 

We need to embrace,  to allow.

Keep to the course. Repeat the choice.

All will strengthen, all will steady.

A new dawn will appear.

The land, the people – the World will heal and restore itself.

Black Lives Will Matter.

When We Affirm.


Photos by; Unsplash, Trees and Ferns, Mathew Schwartz

                                        Drought, cracked landscape, RedCharlie 


  1. Wow!! So powerful Sharon!! Thank you!

    • Thank you for reading. I hope it inspires people to think about what they choose to affirm and what is presented. Sometimes when something that appears to be negative arrives we think the affirmations are not working when in fact they are.
      Enjoy it all!


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