Where I Am and What I Need

Where I Am and What I Need

Early morn on my terrace. More than a patio because I feel it can take me anywhere.  A slice from a cafe. The chairs, the table, flowers, a sofa, coffee. Yes, I can be anywhere. It is sublime.

I say a pray of intention, close my eyes and begin to receive. To be where I am and welcome what I need at this time.

And then, the clock strikes 7:00 am. The earth begins to shake, the rumble of machinery descends and the beeping. The nonstop beeping! And the dirt, the dirt begins to rise and fill the air.

I chance one eye to open. No, that’s a lie. I have to come clean. I cannot wink. So there is no one eye opening, but it did sound better. I open “both” eyes. Yes, I’m dyslexic and who knows, maybe it has nothing to do with dyslexia, perhaps there is another malfunction in my brain. 

However, let us return to the moment.

My street and the surrounding area are under attack. I mean, construction. New water mains, for which I am grateful. 

In the moment of distraction or disruption or destruction, my sanctuary, my meditation has been interrupted.

And then

I hear a voice. Is that Wayne? Yes, I’m channeling Wayne. Now you may not be as close. I am hearing a talk from thirty-five years ago of Dr. Wayne Dyer. He’s in Hawaii, on vacation with his family, is how I remember it and I’m the story teller, so if this is not accurate, the message is. Wayne is sharing how one early morning he left his hotel room to mediate. Comfortable, in lotus position, closed eyes, deep breathing, entering into a meditative state. Yes, all is well.

Then there is a sound. A loud, obnoxious sound. Someone has decided, while Dr. Wayne is meditating, to cut the grass. At first he feels a tad miffed. About to address the man with the mower – he stops and chooses to pause, to reconsider. 

Can he be where he is, in meditation, in spite of what is taking place around him? Can he choose to remain relaxed and receive? Perhaps this distraction, that could provide an excuse to not be able to meditate, has something of significance for him. 

Distraction is an interesting choice. Wayne is up for the challenge, Wayne rises to the occasion.

Not to compete with Wayne, but a lawn mower will stop eventually. The construction in my neighbourhood is here till November. 

I return to “Distraction.” I am amazing at this. Truly, I could teach one of those Master Classes alongside Margaret Atwood or Ron Howard. My distractions range from the norm to the highly imaginative. I have an endless list of ways to draw myself away from getting on with what I believe I sincerely want to get on with.

Back at my terrace, prepared to be present in my meditation and Life sends in the bulldozers, frontend loaders, massive dump trucks and whispers, “You know you love distraction. Has this got your attention?”

I sit there with just me and Life. Wayne has delivered his message and moved on. I have to agree with Life and my lack of focus or more accurately how much I choose to support distraction rather than myself, my work, fulfilling my purpose, manifesting my dreams.

And I find myself asking, why do I do this? What am I afraid of?

I thank my moment with Wayne and  the Water Main Construction Crew for giving me where I am at this moment, what I needed.

There is work to do, questions to answer and building  trust in my work, my purpose, my dreams, that are worthwhile and deserving of attention.

Wayne you may have met the challenge of a lawn mower,  but I’m going to dance circles around you with my fleet of heavy equipment! 

Distraction – you are going down. 

Photos by; Sharon Cooke


  1. Yesterday’s holiday gave a welcome reprieve, I’m sure, Sharon!

    • Your comment didn’t come through to my email, sorry for my late reply. Yes, weekends and long weekends no dust clouds and constant beeping! But I am grateful we live where our infrastructure is maintained. Which means it gets messy before it gets pretty!! Thanks Nancy.

  2. Sharon you always bring a smile to me with your writing! It’s so relatable; and honest.

    • Yikes! My email did not alert me to your comment. Thank you so much Jenn. Our everyday lives are rich in story. Again thank you for your kind words, very much appreciated.Cheers to you! Sharon

  3. Oh my goodness I am laughing as I look out my front window at 4 massive dump trucks/ paving equipment and the recycling truck driving down the other side of my street. I was feeling a little irritated trying to drink my tea in the quiet while reading your blog. The ripple got me! Haha. I remember Dr Wayne Dyers talk – he was such an inspiration to me just like you! I look forward to seeing you soon!

    • Sorry my late reply Virginia. I too have those moments where you first feel a little miffed and then you catch yourself and shift. Every morning I go out to enjoy an “early” cup of coffee before the crew arrives and the bulldozers start beeping, I have to brush off my furniture to remove the latest layer of dirt. But in time there will be new sidewalks and fresh pavement and it will all be worth it. To always finding the laughter. Cheers, Sharon

  4. I am also a master of being distracted by distractions! Thanks for offering this perspective ‘how much I choose to support distraction rather than myself, my work, fulfilling my purpose, manifesting my dreams.’ I want to choose me. This is a helpful reframe and refocus.

    • I find myself all too often asking my grandson to focus because I’m talking to him. He’ll tell me he was distracted by an idea, a thought. But when he is creating a home, an island, a garden in Minecraft he is completely engaged. He loves creating, building, manifesting his visions. Sometimes I think we allow distraction because we are afraid of succeeding at what we do, truly claiming our worth and embracing our gifts and talents. I may need to follow my grandson’s lead rather then concerning myself with getting him to focus on me. Perhaps then I’ll allow myself to focus more on me.


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