Will We Ever Stop Fighting?

Will We Ever Stop Fighting?

We fight.

We are a species who has been fighting since the dawn of time.

We fight for land, for wealth.

We fight to be the last one standing. We fight to be right. We fight for our rights.

We fight to win, to come out on top.

We fight for Power.

We fight for our Life.

Some call certain fights — the good fight, because it’s felt to be for something honourable.

But in truth to fight, regardless of what it is for, is to fight.

To fight is an energy. And whoever, whatever we fight — must in turn fight back.

Fighting begets Fighting.

We fight ourselves.

We take the lies others have told us and we internalize them and turn on ourselves.

We go to battle.

We invent fictitious battles within, where we have the right comebacks, where we are the victors and not the victims.

This was my favourite.

After years of criticism, belittling, abuse – I became an internal fighter.

Fictitious scenarios, where I was always the victor.

Until I remembered that there is this Universal Law; As within so without. 

What you Radiate;

 You will Attract.

I decided that what I was doing was counterproductive. It took me away from what I truly wanted to attract and instead I kept running into events where I found myself having to stand up for myself, defend and go to bat (into battle) for myself.

All that energy spent on an internal battle, just so I could prove to myself that I was strong and that no one would crush me again; was exhausting. Life wears you out to get your attention that how you are choosing to use your energy is simply not of benefit to you or anyone. 

But this is what we do.

Someone or Something, such as an abusive player on our stage, a disease, a virus descends upon us and we are told to fight them, to fight it.  To stand up, and go to battle.

But the moment we take up the fight, the someone or something, must fight back, for this is Universal Law.

Stop, breathe, and give thought to this.

Because, so often I hear, I read; “They lost the battle to…”

When someone or something appears in your reality, is it really meant to entice you to take up arms?

Or, is it asking you, or perhaps inviting you to a conversation as to why it has arrived at your doorstep.

Just say we invited this so-called enemy in and had a chat. Perhaps it would tell us why we had created it. What it had for us, rather than what it had come to take from us.

Perhaps it is our friend and not our foe.

Perhaps it is here to initiate a healing and not a destroying.

Rather than fear it, embrace it.

Rather than gather energy to fight it;

Face it.

Respect it.

Move with it.

Not to Be Beaten

But to heal.

Not to take you down.

But to take you forward.

Release the Weakness

The Fear,

Reclaim the Power
The Love,

What do you think?

Will we get it

Will we ever stop fighting?

I certainly hope so.

All that energy could be put to so much better use.

Don’t you think?

Photos by; Unsplash Stock Photos; Sward; Ricardo Cruz, Pexels; Hand in Sphere of Light; Jona Ferlin


  1. Lovely and timely post, Sharon. xx

    • Thank you Christine,
      Good to hear from you. Hope you are in good health in every area of your life.

  2. So, so true Sharon. We’ve never won a war yet.

    And yet so tricky, and can take so long, to see in ourselves…
    Was somewhat easier once I started saying ‘yes and’ instead of ‘yes but‘.

    You wrote it so so beautifully.

    • Thanks for sharing this. “Yes and” instead of “Yes but” makes a big difference to what we attract.
      Enjoy the day,


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