The Energy of 2021

The Energy of 2021

The energy of 2021 is based on the science of Numerology.

First, the math;

The Universal Energy of 2021 is a “5”

The equation is 2+0+2+1 = 5

2020 was the Universal Energy of “4”

Let’s do a recap of what a Universal Year 4 was all about.

The “4” is a building energy and therefore it is very much about the process. Starting at the beginning and moving through each step till completion. 

A strong foundation is needed to weather all that Life presents. Life at times hits hard and cracks will appear. When they do, it’s important that they are attended to and repaired well, not just glossed over, pushed aside or hidden. We all know attempting to turn a blind eye, thinking no one will notice, that it will all just be okay is foolish. The opportunity to ignore is brief. The crack grows and before you know it, becomes an abyss.

This past year, I was told by many that they had stopped watching the news. But Life is pretty adamant, “You can run, but you can’t hide.” 

The cracks of our world were in our face and they were not hairline, they were large enough for all of us to fit into, because they affected all of us.

Covid 19 escalated the rumble where what was cracked and on the verge to breaking, to break. Like the cracked heirloom vase that sits on a shelf, never to adorn flowers, as it will no longer hold water. You can ignore and no one has to admit to how the crack got there. But when it crashes to the floor — the ignoring is over and someone has to take responsibility.

2020 was this. Lots of crashing.  The cracks became an abyss. No more ignoring. 

Elder abuse in our long term care homes, due to neglect, understaffing and underpaying. Black Lives Matter. Systemic Racism. Abuse in our police forces. LGBTQQIP2SAA, acceptance, inclusion, recognition. An opioid crisis. Communities in our north who have not had clean, safe drinking water for twenty five years. REALLY!! In Canada people without clean water! Seriously! Our indigenous people still being treated in a manner that the majority of our population cannot possibly relate to. I can drink water from my tap. Because if I couldn’t, it would be fixed. It would not take twenty-five years and still not be right. White privilege. Global warming, climate manipulation.

Our foundation showed us that it is not able to support our illusions, our lies any longer and it all comes tumbling down. The “4” Year, the building energy, where our building, our world lies in rubble around our feet, as if a bomb had been set off and yet there was no bomb. There was just us. We are responsible.

On a personal note, the word “Essential” was predominant. Then there was the action of the “Pause.” Many didn’t miss a beat and kept going. But far more, experienced their lives stopping abruptly because the pause, kept pausing. We were being asked what was essential to our being.

We retreated, accessed, reflected. We cleaned and attended to what needed repairing. We spent time with ourselves, lots of time!

Those that kept going, largely our front line people, caring for us in hospitals and being there so we could purchase groceries. Worked hard and over worked on our behalf.

Now we move into 2021. The Universal Energy of “5”.

The Energy of CHANGE.

If you hear nothing. Hear this. There is no turning back – no going back to normal. Our  normal was in dire need of repair. So stop cranking your neck looking back. Straighten up, take a deep breath and face forward. We can only go forward.

Forward to Change. We must Change and 2021 will ask this of us.

It all got rolling in 2020 with people taking to the streets all around the globe, protesting. Angry that nothing ever changes.

This is a time of Adventure, venturing into the unknown, to new experiences. True adventures are scary and exciting at the same time, so hang on tight, because we are doing this.

This will also be a time of learning. The way it’s been done, no longer works.

Racism. We are only one race. The Human Race. We must embrace our humanity for each other. Yes, we are different colours, cultures, languages, identities. We have a variety of ways to do the same thing. Bottom line. We all are here to live true, to be one, to love, to be of peace.  So let’s; let each other get on with it and learn from each other.

Our Elders have been forgotten. Think about it. Do you hold regard for your parents and the lives they have lived or right them off because they’re not on Instagram and have to call you for help programming their phone. We are wise. When the power goes out we can cope, the youngsters of today go into withdrawal and throw their hands in the air. We know about having a “Plan B.”

Our people today find the world at times difficult, mental health has escalated. When our services are called to help, it is not an invitation to turn your taser on and have your gun drawn. You are being asked to help, to talk, to calm the situation first. It’s time to acknowledge that if you are in fear of those you are to be of service to, then you are not the right person, in the right place. Change, learn, or step aside.

Our white people do not have to have” the talk” with their children and teach them how to get home without getting killed by our police. Therefore, our black and brown people should not to have this responsibility with their children. It is time that no one has a need to have this talk.

2021 will be a time we learn what we need to learn, about each other and learning is about being prepared to listen to those who need to speak.

There have been many apologies, but apology is nothing if it is not followed by action – the action of change.

Now change is the great disrupter. 

Many of us hang on to our dysfunctions, our poor health, our struggles, our abusers. It is the concept of – it is bad, but it is what I know, and what if the change is worse? This is why so often we see people who do not go forward. They just rewind and repeat.

We, as the collective “We” have done this far too long. Enough is Enough and Change we must.

Embrace going forward, no turning back, this normal many of us yearn for, is nothing to be proud of. So straighten up, eyes forward, take a deep breath and wrap your arms around learning a new way.

A new way to live together, to treat each other,  to be together.


Because, what was; is over!

An open mind and heart will take you through.

It is time.

The energy of the “5”.

May the Adventure begin!


To know your Personal Year, purchase my book, A Simple Formula.

Being in harmony with you, will take you through these changing times of 2021 easier, healthier, happier, stronger and in one piece!

The Energy of 202o, posted January 4, 2020, category Numerology.

LGBTQQIP2SAA stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, queer, intersex, pansexual, two-spirit (2S), androgynous and asexual.

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  1. ** Standing up and applauding ** thank you for this Sharon! You’re frank, candor is a slap in the face that we all need to get out of this “2020 Stupor”. Cheers to change!

  2. Beautifully said, Sharon! Thank you for putting into words what I believe.

    • Thank you Nancy.
      So good to know you. May we have more, many more, conversations of substance going forward.
      Enjoy it all,


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